2019 Spring CLASSES


Paint 6-in-6: A New Step by Step Project Each Week

Paint 6 pieces in 6 weeks! Learn a new, contemporary acrylic painting technique each week with a step-by-step project.

In this course, students will be inspired by today's top artists and discover inventive, non-traditional, and fun ways to paint with acrylics. Each week, students will learn a new technique through a class demo and step-by-step instructions for completing a painting project. No more "blank canvas syndrome." This is a great way to get started, stay inspired, and walk away with multiple pieces of art!

Topics covered in the next session:
Week 1: Acrylic Skins
Week 2: Interference Paints
Week 3: Effects with Varnish
Week 4: Slow Leveling Gel
Week 5: Cold Wax Effects with Acrylics
Week 6: Monoprinting

Supply List:
• Acrylic paints in various colors
• Acrylic brushes in various sizes
• Chip brushes in various sizes
• 6-pack of 12x12 canvases
• a weekly, project-specific supply list will be given in class

Bring on Week 1 in addition to the above:
• Plastic sheeting (rolled plastic covering, sheet protectors, sheet of acetate, etc.)
• Scraper tool
• GAC 800
• some supplies provided

6-Week Class
March 7th - April 11th
Thursdays 6pm-9pm
Art on 30th, North Park




In these courses, students will learn new techniques through class demonstration, instructor critique, and peer interaction. Topics covered: abstract approaches, color, gels, pastes, composition, paint products, and finishing a piece/preparing for hanging in a show. Drawing skills are not required.

Students can pick up a student kit for this class at Artist & Craftsman for 20% off retail pricing.

6-Week Class
February 19th - March 26th
Tuesdays 10:30am-1:30pm
Art on 30th, North Park