Sometimes my students love painting with each other so much that they plan a class lunch for the last week!

Sometimes my students love painting with each other so much that they plan a class lunch for the last week!

ART IS SIMPLY a part of WHO I AM...

Since I could hold a pencil, I would spend hours drawing and challenging myself to improve with each project I started. My college years were full of art exploration that fueled my passion for art as a whole.

I went into teaching because it seemed to be the most natural path: I loved helping others and I loved art. Being a part of bringing other's ideas to life is one of my greatest joys.

Since then, I have discovered a love for working with beginners and art enthusiasts. As with all of my classes, my biggest intention is to provide my students confidence and tools so they can move their art forward by leaps and bounds.

So let's explore together! Come ready to break through barriers and think big about your art.




Register below for one of my upcoming abstract art painting classes at Art on 30th.



art 101: getting started with art

If you're brand new to art making and don’t know where to start, this is the class for you! 

A fun and informative one day workshop that will get you started on your way to painting and help you decide the creative direction you'd like to go and which class is the next best step for you. Students will also complete a simple and fun painting in class!

Topics covered: paints, brushes, color, mediums, paint additives, mixed media, mark making tools, paint applicator tools, texture making tools, tools from around your home, working with mediums, gels and pastes.

3-Week Class
June 26th - July 10th
$99, all supplies included!
Wednesdays 6pm-8pm
Art on 30th, North Park




In these courses, students will learn new techniques through class demonstration, instructor critique, and peer interaction. Topics covered: abstract approaches, color, gels, pastes, composition, paint products, and finishing a piece/preparing for hanging in a show. Drawing skills are not required.

Students can pick up a student kit for this class at Artist & Craftsman for 20% off retail pricing.

6-Week Class
July 2nd - August 6th
Tuesdays 10:30am-1:30pm
Art on 30th, North Park